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As technology is rapidly increasing day by day, we are here doing most of our things online. From buying our essentials to reading books, including all our shoppings and residential appliances and so on is being done online. In all these, what matters for all folks is, whatever we are buying must be of fine quality. For that, we always favour seeing ratings and reviews before buying.


Taboos are the things that must not be spoken, must not be done says the society. But the question is who actually decide these things which are given a tag of taboos. Everyone one us will have a different angle of thinking, hence the definition of taboos would differ from the imagination of a 15-year-old to an imagination of 55-year-old.


There has been a time when women were tortured by men, now the opposite is happening. In the 1960s and 70s, feminist protests resulted in a series of laws that guaranteed, under the law, equal rights in the workplace, in universities, colleges, in health care, and at the home. But nowadays some are misusing this; here “some” refers to the Misandrists.