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Production executives, agents, studio readers are the people who have the power to change your life. Every weekend these folks have a pile of scripts the height of a toddler to read. Most of these scripts are bad. What keeps executives going is the moment when they can say, “Finally, someone who knows how to tell a story!” In short, a story that beats up all of the other stories in the stack. You want to be the writer of that script. So, let’s get started on cracking this locked-up safe! 


Entertainment is a variety of activity to hold the eyes and interest of an audience and An entertainer is a person who performs activities for the amusement of others. If you’re an entertainer, you may find out how to tap dance and take singing lessons. If you create your living as a comedian, you’re an entertainer. You’re also an entertainer if you are a dancer, singer, actor, or puppeteer. We see many entertainers in numerous characters in movies and shows. We make our point of view about their personal life and the way they’re outside industry, but this can’t be true anytime. Sometimes, someone we see on TV is smiling, but in the world, that person is facing plenty of problems.


Managing time is of utmost importance to be able to conduct projects effectively. We all have the same hours every day. The reason why others achieve more is not only because they work harder, but they also manage their time better. One should make a promise to have effective time management strategies. If you feel anxious about incomplete tasks or no matter how much you cross off your to-do list, there are always more things to get done. You need to follow some time management tips.


Since childhood, we have heard the story of rabbit and tortoise. This was the first story our parents narrated to us. So, why do you think the rabbit loses the race? Yes, you are thinking it right. It is because he was overconfident. The rabbit could have slept after the race, but he was overconfident. He thought that he could never lose from the tortoise. I couldn’t get a better example. This story explains that overconfidence can bring the thunder. So, let’s see how to be confident and not overconfident.


Ya, you heard it right. Can you just imagine Alexa sitting right next to you and talking to you? Or, imagine Alexa doing all your work. It sounds cool, right? So, have you ever wondered how Alexa works? Did you wonder that Alexa can be real? Let’s move from the fantasy world of Alexa talking to you and see the technological aspect. Okay, wait let me just introduce Alexa.

Understand Edge Computing before you Regret

Cloud computing has proved to be a blessing for big data processing. The potential to capture, store, and process data without having to bother about scaling servers and databases has emulated and revolutionized centers, significant data capabilities like never before. The evolution of IoT devices opened the doors for various user data. IoT devices brought-in so much data that even presumably limitless computing abilities of the cloud were not enough to maintain an instantaneous process and timely results. To overcome this problem, Edge Computing came in the picture.

The Rise of Logan “Maverick” Paul

Logan Paul, as you all know, went from a trending social media influencer to the most hated person on the internet in the year 2018. He faced plenty of backlash from the celebrities as well as fans. His video was taken down. He was asked not to be an influencer anymore. Tons of negative stuff one can ever imagine was hurled his way. It was him against the world. But, how did it happen? Did he overcome this? How did all this change him as a person? What was his life before and after the Japan incident? Let’s see all these events.


COMEDY is entertainment consisting of jokes trying to make the audience laugh. In ancient times, comedy was stage play(theatre) with a happy ending. Then in middle ages, the term expanded to include narrative poems with happy endings. Nowadays, comedy is done in a way like stage shows, stand-up comedy etc. One of the greatest comedians is Charlie Chaplin.


Raise a hand if you have ever imagined a hacker as a loner living in a grungy basement, with lightning-fast reflexes and coding skills. The media and pop culture has continuously driven this stereotype about hackers. Hackers are considered as computer wizards, who damage systems and steal data. There have been several incidents which serve as evidence of this negativity towards hacking. But it is high time to reconsider this attitude towards hacking. We need to be aware of some basic facts about hacking, including the real threats they pose and also the ones they don’t. Considering that, here are some common misconceptions about hacking.