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CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a scripting language. Web page design along with HTML and Javascript make use of CSS. It is the most often used web technology and has a file extension of .css.

SCSS (Sassy CSS) is the superset of CSS. In other words, it is a CSS preprocessor that lets one use interesting functionalities that makes writing CSS much more powerful. SCSS is, therefore, an excellent choice for developers due to the features of CSS and more. Due to its advanced features, it is often termed – Sassy CSS and has a file extension of .scss.


‘Start-up’, we all must have at least once in our life thought of a start-up, but either we did not start, or we failed and did not try again, right? One of the main reasons for this can be a lack of knowledge and a lack of proper methods to start a company. Let’s understand the concept to build a business from scratch.


The field of data science has rapidly become one of the most sought-after for professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Specialist data analysts lie close to the top of the food chain, with healthy salaries and benefits.

If you are wondering about data analysts, what they do, what are the skills and qualifications you require and so on, the article will give you clarity for your track. But, before moving forward about who are data analysts, you first need to know what is data analytics.


There’s always been a lot of confusion surrounding the domain of Full stack development. In reality, there are a lot of people who confuse full-stack developers with senior developers. The motto of this blog is to familiarize you with the peculiar features of full-stack development, and also illuminate the benefits that come along.


As our use of technology grows and more businesses go online, web development has become a necessity for organizations, let it be large or small. Web developers are building interactive websites so companies can reach new customers at national and international levels. Each new concept in e-commerce creates further need for web developers. So, web development jobs are regularly available. They offer attractive salary packages.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS serves a wide variety of global products based on cloud which incorporate scalable storage, computing, relational database, internet of things i.e. IoT, analytics, security, networking and content delivery, developing games, virtual servers, enterprise applications and content delivery. More than or over 140 AWS services are accessible, and without the advance payment or upfront capital expenses, new services can be equipped quickly.

Boost your front-end development skills

E-learning has been playing an important role in this lockdown. The uses of websites and web apps have taken a whole new perspective. Teaching and learning are no more limited to books and papers. Being a website user, some enthusiastic people may have thought of how these websites work? How do they coordinate quite well and give all the required information in a few web pages? Here are some front-end languages that you should get started with.


Here we review the current status of flexible electronics. We can attempt to predict the future of flex circuits in healthcare, environmental monitoring, displays and human-machine interactivity, energy conversion, management and communication and wireless networks.


Ya, you heard it right. Can you just imagine Alexa sitting right next to you and talking to you? Or, imagine Alexa doing all your work. It sounds cool, right? So, have you ever wondered how Alexa works? Did you wonder that Alexa can be real? Let’s move from the fantasy world of Alexa talking to you and see the technological aspect. Okay, wait let me just introduce Alexa.