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CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a scripting language. Web page design along with HTML and Javascript make use of CSS. It is the most often used web technology and has a file extension of .css.

SCSS (Sassy CSS) is the superset of CSS. In other words, it is a CSS preprocessor that lets one use interesting functionalities that makes writing CSS much more powerful. SCSS is, therefore, an excellent choice for developers due to the features of CSS and more. Due to its advanced features, it is often termed – Sassy CSS and has a file extension of .scss.


Production executives, agents, studio readers are the people who have the power to change your life. Every weekend these folks have a pile of scripts the height of a toddler to read. Most of these scripts are bad. What keeps executives going is the moment when they can say, “Finally, someone who knows how to tell a story!” In short, a story that beats up all of the other stories in the stack. You want to be the writer of that script. So, let’s get started on cracking this locked-up safe! 


During this, amid the situation of Covid-19, all educational institutes have been locked down. Almost 500 million students have been affected due to this all over the world. But the locking down of the institutes does not put a full stop to education. Online classes are conducted regularly in schools globally. All teachers approach this new worldview with fluctuating degrees of eagerness and concern as many of them are new to this tech-savvy world. Is it safe to say that you are idealistic or suspicious about Online Learning? Is it true that you are keen on knowing how conveying courses online can improve your instruction and offer extraordinary learning open doors for your understudies? Or would you like to comprehend what you will be facing as you design and convey your classes on the web? It is essential to consider both the upsides and downsides of web-based adapting so you can be more ready to confront the test of working in this new condition just as grasp the new open doors that it brings to the table. Qualities or Weaknesses? You pick which connect to follow first, however, please take a gander at both – it is not out of the question!


The 10+2 system to be replaced by a 5+3+3+4 structure equivalent to 3-8 years foundation stage [8-11 years preparatory stage, 11-14 years middle stage, lastly, 14-18 years secondary stage]. It will unveil the age group of 3-6 years under the school curriculum, considered as the critical stage for the development of the mental aptitude of a child. In addition to 12 years of schooling, it will have three years of pre-schooling as well. Board examinations to be made more comfortable to test fundamental concepts rather than bear in mind facts, with all students allowed to take the exam twice.


‘Start-up’, we all must have at least once in our life thought of a start-up, but either we did not start, or we failed and did not try again, right? One of the main reasons for this can be a lack of knowledge and a lack of proper methods to start a company. Let’s understand the concept to build a business from scratch.

The Eye-Opener

Sita had given birth to a boy. She wanted Rahul to grow up as a person of excellent knowledge, and the entire society would acknowledge him as an erudite. But Sita was not that privileged to send her son to renowned schooling and higher education levels. To make her dreams come true, she started working as a house helper. She even skipped her meals at times as she wished to see her son stand out in the crowd. She sold her gold bangles to ensure that she had enough money to get through all the situations.

The Furever Friend

Ayush and Ayesha have been married for two years now. Ayush is a struggling artist who spends the entire day either looking for inspiration or painting. Ayesha was a teacher at a primary school and a keen supporter of Ayush’s art. They were a loving couple. Ayush would do the house chores while Ayesha was a teacher in primary school and she would always attend all the art exhibitions Ayush could find. They would spend the weekend together, exploring new things. They believed that the activities made their relationship strong.


The college started with fun and enthusiasm as every semester begins, but this one was special for Gaurav and Ritik. They had been in the same school and now, in the same college, as freshers. Gaurav was a brilliant coder who loved programming. He always kept experimenting with the technical activities and hence, enhancing his knowledge in the domain. At the same time, he was an introvert. He liked to keep to himself by being glued to his desk, never talking to people. On the other side, Ritik was ecstatic about learning new things every time. He could not stay stuck with the same thing. He always wanted to get out of his comfort zone and try something new that he would be afraid to do.


A man was pacing around the lawn of our housing society, talking on the phone. He came across as a civilized and wealthy man. He was a tall good looking guy, who was in his mid-20s and was well dressed. I and some of my friends had decided to meet on the lawn, that’s when we noticed him. It was the first time any of us had seen him. Looking at his condition, it was evident that he was distressed about something. He rambled on the call “ Manage it properly. Otherwise, we will be in loss. I have built this company with hard work and dedication. I can’t bear the loss. Do whatever you want to but finish the work before the deadline. It’s a matter of my company’s reputation.”