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During this, amid the situation of Covid-19, all educational institutes have been locked down. Almost 500 million students have been affected due to this all over the world. But the locking down of the institutes does not put a full stop to education. Online classes are conducted regularly in schools globally. All teachers approach this new worldview with fluctuating degrees of eagerness and concern as many of them are new to this tech-savvy world. Is it safe to say that you are idealistic or suspicious about Online Learning? Is it true that you are keen on knowing how conveying courses online can improve your instruction and offer extraordinary learning open doors for your understudies? Or would you like to comprehend what you will be facing as you design and convey your classes on the web? It is essential to consider both the upsides and downsides of web-based adapting so you can be more ready to confront the test of working in this new condition just as grasp the new open doors that it brings to the table. Qualities or Weaknesses? You pick which connect to follow first, however, please take a gander at both – it is not out of the question!

Qualities of online classes

Online classes have maintained a daily routine for the students. They are attending proper classes like in school and are engaging much more with the teachers as compared to the physical classroom. With these online classes, students also have the opportunity to discover new things related to their studies and dig a little deeper if they are much interested in the topic. Besides all the learning, some significant advantages of online classes include the self-discipline that students are developing nowadays because the person has to himself have to log in to the session on time. There is no one on their heads asking them ten times to get up in the morning, do all the essential chores, and go to school. No teacher over their head asks them to prepare notes or complete their work. One has to finish it himself so that they do not lag in the class. Also, the comfort of your house is the prominent advantage while attending classes no more complaints about the physical environment of the schools. Students can mail or message their queries to teachers at ease, making them more accessible, which was quite challenging while having physical classes. Also, online sessions have made it simpler to concentrate on what you’re doing. You can place yourself in the appropriate condition. You can wear earphones if your environmental factors are uproarious. Your connections happen over the internet, which means they won’t effortlessly stray topics. Furthermore, you can decide to learn when you’re freshest. On the off chance that you battle to think, online classes may be the perfect arrangement.

Online classes have also opened ground for teachers to use diversified tools available online to give their students the best of the education experience. New tech generation can also provide teachers with suggestions about what is best available online.

Weaknesses of Online Classes

There may exist an enormous number of advantages, but when it comes to weakness, they are way more than the qualities.

Students are developing self-discipline, but the levels of indiscipline have increased to a greater extent, and there is no need to justify this statement. We all must have seen the videos related to the above comment. Though they may look funny, this has destroyed the decorum that the teachers had in the physical class. Also, daily classes, homework, Q&A, subject tests, and many more are part of student life. If they ignore the orders of teachers intentionally, they know there are consequences. But now there is no such fear as the teacher would not come to their houses to punish them. Also, giving the answers available on the internet is a huge problem. In physical classes, students don’t have access to any such facility and had to frame the answer himself. Besides this, there are health issues related to online classes. Students have to sit in front of laptops, computers, mobiles, or tablets for hours which strain their eyes and hence lead to degradation of eyesight.

Online classes have also hindered the social growth of students. You miss out on the small talks that students have in between the class, or the pranks to disturb your partner. The practical applications taught at schools are the significant missing feature of the online system.

-Abhishek Goel


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