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The Eye-Opener

Sita had given birth to a boy. She wanted Rahul to grow up as a person of excellent knowledge, and the entire society would acknowledge him as an erudite. But Sita was not that privileged to send her son to renowned schooling and higher education levels. To make her dreams come true, she started working as a house helper. She even skipped her meals at times as she wished to see her son stand out in the crowd. She sold her gold bangles to ensure that she had enough money to get through all the situations. 

Rahul had grown up to be an ungrateful kid. One day, when he came back home, he yelled at his mother, “If you are only gonna make me a laughing stock, why don’t you just die?” Rahul was embarrassed as all the kids used to make fun of Sita when she dropped Rahul at school. Sita was old, ugly and had only one eye. Rahul never appreciated his mother.

After that day, Rahul went to school alone. He paid attention to all his classes. He started focusing by studied hard, not to fulfil his mother’s dream, but to leave his mother. Time passed swiftly. Finally, Rahul got a job in the city and left his mother alone. Sita wanted to stop him, but she also wanted a good life for Rahul. She could not stop the tears running down her pale cheeks. Rahul did not even stop to look back at her. He greedily took all of her savings and left her with food that could suffice for a week.

His life was gradually progressing ahead. Now he had a great job with decent earnings. Soon he got married in the city and bought his own house. He was leading a successful life while on the other hand; he had not even talked to his mother all these years. He had now become a father. He was enjoying all the luxuries and led a happy life with his family.

All of a sudden, one day, his 60-year-old mother came to visit him. Sita had not seen him in years. She had longed for this moment. When she stood by the door, Rahul asked her why she came uninvited. The kids and his wife were now visible to her. She wanted to bless them while hugging them. But, Rahul’s children laughed at her, and he yelled. He screamed at her, “How dare you come to my house and scare my children! Get out of here, now.”

And to this, his mother quietly answered, “Oh, I am sorry. I may have gotten the wrong address.” She disappeared out of sight.

One day, a letter regarding a school reunion came to his house. Rahul lied to his wife that he was going on a business trip. He enjoyed the reunion dancing and recollecting all his memories of his childhood. After the party, he was drunk. He drove his car and lost control while returning that resulted in the worst accident of his life. His face was burnt, losing the senses like sight and hearing.

Since it was in the middle of nowhere, a few villagers who crossed that path noticed him and admitted him in their village. Some people informed Sita about his condition. She rushed to the hospital only to see his deaf and blind son. She cried to the doctor, “Please get his senses back. I will do whatever you ask.”

The doctor replied,” He will soon be able to hear, but we need an eye donor for his sight”.

Then Sita asked, “Can my eye be donated?”

The doctor replied, “But you are already a luscus”

With tears in her eye, Sita said,” What will I do with this eye if my son can’t see me?”

Hearing this doctor exclaimed, “So you have decided that you will donate your second eye also to Rahul?”

She answered, “Yes doctor, earlier at the time of Rahul’s birth, I only donated my another eye to him. I didn’t want society to call my son as an ugly luscus.”

Hearing this doctor asked her, “I guess your son loves you a lot!”

Finally, the tear rolled down her cheek while she replied, “One day he surely will”.

Then the doctor started the procedures of eye donation, and in a week, Rahul had his visions back.

When he woke up and saw around, his old mother lay unconscious there. He asked the doctor, “Why this ugly lady is here?”

The doctor then told him how his mother had sacrificed both the times for him, letting him know about the conversation between Sita and him. Now Rahul was unable to control his tears. His entire childhood came in front of his eyes. He could not believe the fact that the women he regarded as a luscus was the one who took away this tag from him. Filled with guilt, he now understood the true meaning of motherly love. He wanted to give her mother the best life now.

When his mother woke up, he hugged her. He cried and asked, “Why mom why? Why did you do this for a bad son like me?”

Then she replied, “I could not see the love of my son with that pair of eyes, but now I can feel it.”

Then he took her to his city home, told his children and wife,” I am only here because of my loving mother.” Soon he managed a pair of eyes for her mother while his mother lived with him happily playing with her grandchildren.

– Hardik Choudhary & Adapa Usha Raman


Published by Utkarshini Journal

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