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The college started with fun and enthusiasm as every semester begins, but this one was special for Gourav and Ritik. They had been in the same school and now, in the same college, as freshers. Gourav was a brilliant coder who loved programming. He always kept experimenting with the technical activities and hence, enhancing his knowledge in the domain. At the same time, he was an introvert. He liked to keep to himself by being glued to his desk, never talking to people. On the other side, Ritik was ecstatic about learning new things every time. He could not stay stuck with the same thing. He always wanted to get out of his comfort zone and try something new that he would be afraid to do. 

As both of them were freshers, there would be a party. This time the freshers, like every year, had a public speaking competition. It was evident by Ritik’s nature that he had enrolled for the contest. But, only this time he had urged Gourav to be a part of it as well. He wanted both of them enjoying this event together. 

Gourav says, “You know I am not interested in speaking. I am afraid that I would be the centric point for laughter. Why would you push me for that?”

Ritik replied, “Come on man! It will be so much fun. I also have not participated in this kind of competition before. Look at me. I am still going.”

“You have to come to give a hand to me”, Gourav uncertain, still replied. 

After a long, vague conversation between them, Gourav gave up. Ritik had convinced him in a way that Gourav could not deny. He had to agree to Ritik, and they happily enrolled for it. 

The day of the fest had finally arrived. Students were running around, sitting with their friends, gossiping, laughing and cheering everyone. They were all dancing and enjoying the rhythm of the party organized for them. Droplets of sweat were running down Gourav’s forehead, his hands and legs going cold and numb. He could feel his pulses, but words were not ready to escape his mouth. He froze at that moment.

The competition started. Gourav was the first one up for the speech. As he made way on to the stage, his palms grew cold, yet they were sweating, his throat parched, but he still mumbled the words, finishing the speech hurriedly.

 “I ruined it all. I told you Ritik this was bound to happen”, Gourav mumbled after he returned to Ritik.

 “You gave it a try. I am content. It is my turn now, meet you later”, Ritik addressed while he started walking towards the stage. 

Ritik was charged up and excited for his speech. It turned out to be so great that he won the ‘Best Public Speaker Award’ as a fresher. And the appreciations start flooding in. But the recognitions are for the efforts that Gourav took. No one mentions Ritik. With a frown on his face, he goes back to his room.

“Hey! Why did you come back to the room? Have you seen everyone appreciating me there?” said Ritik, watching Gourav enter the room, and taking a seat beside him. Ritik tried explaining Gourav about how everyone appreciated Gourav and not him. He had won the competition and also encouraged and inspired his friends to put in efforts for the same.

Gourav remotely says, “I know you have done very well, but now please go to your room. I want to continue doing the coding.” Ritik leaves.

After a few days, there was a coding competition in the college and Ritik being an enthusiastic person participated in this competition also. But this time Gourav had also enrolled as he is a great coder. 

Before the competition 

Gourav wishes Ritik the best for the competition. He adds, “I hope you win today also.”

Ritik replies in a calm voice, “All the best, Gourav. I hope the best person wins.”

They both went to the competition. This time Gourav won this competition, and everyone appreciated Gourav for this and Ritik was standing there with him.  

After some time they went back to the room.

Gourav, “I am so happy today. I have won the competition, and everyone is admiring me. “

Ritik, “I am so happy for you.”

Gourav, “You are not sad. You have lost the contest.”

Ritik,” It’s just that you are better in coding as I am in speaking and debate. But we can do one thing; we can help each other to learn the things which we know well.”

Gourav understands the point that it does not matter if you have excelled or not. What matters is that you have tried.

Gourav got his mind clear about what he has to do now. He decided to improve his skills but to lead a business empire and convert his startup into a successful business. He became one of the best businessmen in the world, and this was possible only because of his entire dedication and consistently working on his faulty areas.

“Ritik gets the award for the best speaker of 2019”, the host addressed him 10 years later after this incident which made him grow her passion and convert it into the profession. It was an achievement for Ritik and Gaurav as they now pursued their passions and what they wanted to do.

“Never run for what others have, work for what you deserve.”

– Harshita and Hitanshi


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