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Did you spend your childhood in India during the ‘90s? You have all the reasons in the world to brag about your youth and cry your eyes out while being nostalgic. The ‘90s were arguably the best decade to grow up in. Life was much simpler. It didn’t revolve around these fancy apps. 90’s kids are old enough to remember the world before technology. But, they also know how to use smartphones.

Remember those days when

  • Parents used to shout when we came home after spending the whole day outside
  • Playing in the dirt
  • We used to remove shoes while entering the computer lab
  • 10’o’clock was super late
  • Wearing those weird clothing combinations
  • Showing off your Beyblade collection to your friends and much more.

Those were the golden days. No stress, no responsibilities.

Here are some of the coolest things of the ‘90s that will take you a trip down the memory lane. I bet you will feel terrible about how grown-up you are now. I sure did feel terrible writing this blog.

1. Boomer, kismi, mango bites, Pim pom, and much more.

These candies were just yummy. You could eat all day long. These delights brought a twinkle in our eyes. Cadbury was the father of chocolates. Our obsession for lollipops started with pim-poms. We found it very cool after having Phantom cigarettes and pretending we were smoking. Maha Lacto or mango bites were the most common candies to be distributed during birthdays. Big babool taught us how to blow a chewing gum into the balloon. And, who can forget ‘Boom -boom boomer’.

2. Brick game console.

This was our best friend during our childhood. Playing all day and setting new high scores was our only purpose in life. It offered 9999 games in 1 console during that time. It looks like smartphone companies need to step up their game.

3. Cartoon TV shows.

Growing up we didn’t have a lot on our plate to watch, but these were the best cartoons of all time. Unlike the stupid cartoons, kids these days watch. There was so much good stuff. The Scooby-Doo Show, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Pokemon and the list continues, were the ionic animated TV shows to be produced. Powerpuff Girls was probably the first show that started teaching us about feminism.

4. Pepsi ice-cream sticks.

Popsicles of different flavours fixed in a plastic wrapping were sold at pretty much every traffic light during the summers. The lollies that tasted a lot like set sodas must be sucked through the plastic. And, Lord have mercy on you if it was dirty!   

5. Topical chart papers.

Tonnes of homework? Projects? No problem. Chart papers to the rescue. These were the animated papers that every 90’s kid had in their school bags. Because ‘Lakshman Kha Raha Hai’ and ‘Payal Khel Rahi Hai’ had to be pictorially described.

6. Video games.

The feeling when you owned this for the first time made you feel that you conquered the whole world. You used to become one of the “cool” guys if you owned this. Collecting the chips from the broken cartridges was our favourite hobby. Video games like Mario, Contra, Duck hunt, Adventure island, circus, etc defined our childhood.

I know, there are many more things I left out. But the list would be a mile long if I included everything. I hope this post made you feel nostalgic about the good old days and brought a smile on your face.

Harsh Mehta   


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