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Everybody wants to have a beautifully decorated home. Imagine impressing family and friends with your decor and have them wondering how you did it. Adding your personal touch to your decor can make your house feel even more like home.

Here are some of the best DIY home decor projects and put them into these simple lists. These projects are easy, affordable, and most importantly look fantastic.


  • You will need:

 1. Scissors   2. Glue  3. Old CDs   4. Mirror or photo frame

  • Steps:
  • Get a mirror or photo frame with a border.
  • Paint the border with the colour you like.
  • Cut the old CDs into shapes you like.
  • Finally, stick the CD pieces on the border in the pattern you like.
  • Your mosaic CD mirror is ready. Hang it on the wall. It gives an elegant look to your dressing room


  • You will need:
  • 2*50″ leather straps 2. leather hole punch   3. length of wood
  • 2 large screw hooks   5. wall plugs            6. drill
  • Steps:
  • Take the leather and punch a hole at each end of the strap, check the hole is big enough to slip over the hook size you are using.
  •  Just drill two deep holes into your wall, pop in a wall plug and twist in your hooks. 
  • Take the two leather straps and slide the holes over the hooks to hang them.
  • Once the two leather straps are hung, take your piece of wood and slide it through them.
  • The leather is very sturdy so takes a lot of weight. Add on your favourite plants, books and trinkets to finish. 


  • You will need:

1. Foam Discs      2. Smooth Finish    3.drill    4.spade bits

5. Craft paint or latex paint    6.card stock       7.pins

8. command strips for hanging

  • Steps:
  • Make the buttonholes using the drill and spade bits and/or hole saw bits.
  • Apply the Smooth Finish following the instructions on the container.
  • Lightly sand the discs once it is dry.
  • Paint the discs.
  • Since the Command strips won’t adhere to the foam, pin a square of card stock to the back and placed the command strip adhesive on the card stock.


  • You will need:
  • Globe   2. Chalkboard paint  3. Vinyl tape  4. cameo
  • Steps:
  • Choose a phrase to cut out in vinyl with Cameo.
  •  Make sure that the vinyl was stuck down well.
  • Tape off all the metal, prime the globe and give it a few coats of chalkboard paint.
  • Remove the vinyl and painters tape.
  •  Decorate the base. This can be kept on your study table.


  • You will need:

                      1. Wooden Circle   2.Paint           3.Paintbrush     4.Rope     

                 5.Elastic Cord        6.Staple Gun   7.Scissors

  • Steps:
  • Paint your circle with the design you like.
  • Attach the rope to hang the circle with a staple gun.
  • Attach the elastic cord with the staple gun. You can do a criss-cross look for the cord and do multiple lines.
  • After it is stapled, you are ready to hang.
  •  It can be used as an inspiration board, a memo board, an organizer, hang your keys, hang your sunglasses etc.


  • You will need:
  • Couple sets of string lights   2.  An assortment of photos   3. Mini clothespins
  • Steps:
  • Hang the string lights, wrap the wire around nails.
  • Once your string lights are hung up, all you need to do is hang your photos where you want them.
  • This is easy to do in the bedroom and gives your room that cosy glow that makes the holidays feel.


Whether you have a blank wall that’s just begging for an amazing piece of DIY artwork or have an old piece of furniture that needs a DIY makeover, the above DIY ideas are the best. With just a few supplies and a couple of hours of your time, you can knock out any one of these DIY home decor ideas and the best part is, they’re all budget-friendly.

– Usha Raman


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