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Post-Lockdown Travel Guide

COVID-19 has changed our world. Although things will never be the same sooner, our governments are trying hard to make it like before. The hospitality industry has been hit hard by this lock-down. There was no travel at all. But, now things are becoming normal and so is travel. It is quite risky to travel now, but as we all know, “We have to learn to live with corona-virus”.

We need to follow all the guidelines issued by the government and the WHO. Here, I am telling you some extra points that will help you with travelling.

Society won’t like you when you are sick

Even if you have a common cold, it won’t be looked as cold only. You all know why! So, be ready for temperature and oxygen level checks at every new place you enter. Make sure you are completely healthy when travelling and carrying a sanitiser along your side. Also, ensure to carry your negative report if you had this virus earlier.

Be prepared for long queues

We all know the importance of social distancing in today’s time. So, be prepared for long queues at check-in counters at hotels, ticket counters at sightseeing, etc. Also, be a bit more patient and follow all social distancing norms. We are aware, ‘Do gaj ki doori, bahut zaroori’.

Travel by Road

Planes and trains are starting to operate in most parts of the world. Still, it has been found that the risk of transmission of the virus is greater in these. So, consider travelling by road. Also, cars and bikes are likely to have the most freedom. One can enjoy to the fullest on a road trip.

Be Prepared for Extra Expenses

This pandemic, the hospitality industry is one of the worst-hit industries. So, to compensate that, they have to increase prices. As a result, it will be a toll on your wallet if you do not take account of your journey ahead. Whether it be per day hotel charges or fuel charges, it will have a hike.

Need to carry essentials

Earlier, it was only first aid kit and probably survival kit while travelling. Now, the situation is different. You should make sure that you add all the essentials like sanitiser, masks, gloves, shields etc. in your checklist. Ensure to carry them. Also, carry some ready to eat food as the situation can worsen anytime.

Research about your destination

One should research his destination before starting his/her journey. The Government has permitted many things to operate. But, some hotels, food joints have opted to be closed due to their fear. You should check the accommodation you have opted for is maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness. Also, ensure that the areas you are travelling are falling under non-restricted areas(green zone).

Be Responsible

Last but not the least, you should be responsible for travelling during the given circumstances. You shouldn’t throw garbage around, don’t go without a proper mask, maintain your hygiene. In all, be a responsible and ethical citizen if you want to fulfill all your travel plans.


However, it is not recommended to travel at this time. But, the government has granted access to some places. If you want to enjoy and relax by going there, you should. But, definitely try to follow all tips, strategies and do’s and don’ts mentioned above.

Be safe!

Happy Journey!

– Hardik Choudhary


Published by Utkarshini Journal

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